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This atv sign is approximately 50” wide with 24” tall posts.  Taller posts are available for an additional charge.  See details below.

The cedar logs come unfinished, ready to stain, or let them weather to a natural driftwood grey.  All panels are made of a thick, durable, maintenance-free polymer.

For any product with logs please note:  Most round logs may have a crack or two in them. This is known as “checking” in the timber industry. It is not a structural issue as most checking goes toward the center of the log and not through the log. It is a stress relief condition for logs.

We will personalize this sign with your name or address numbers.  Lettering size is limited to 16 regular, straight, bold style letters.  E-mail us for details.  Refunds on personalized items have a 25% reduction.

The sign comes with fiberglass stakes for support. Insert the fiberglass stakes into the holes that are drilled into the bottom of the posts, and push the sign into the ground.  The fiberglass stakes will sink into the ground, and the sign will sit on top.  On hard ground, you may have to drive it in.  No digging is required.

For additional stability, taller posts, in any length, are available to bury into the ground.  If interested, we can send you a quote for the extra length.

Shipping in the continental U.S. only.  Others please e-mail us for quotes.  Most products are oversized items for shipping.  We calculate the lowest shipping prices possible per item.